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Specializing in assisting Design Firms with the development of
Search Engine Optimized Rich Internet Applications.

Programming services to create interactive and database driven e-commerce web sites.

Jules Gravinese, Freelance Web DeveloperI'm Jules Gravinese - a seasoned American professional of web development since 1996. I offer high quality hand coded greatness, along with other web designers across the USA as an extended web design company.
I've worked for and currently maintain websites for clients such as BASF, ADP, Nikon USA, the City of Aspen, the City of Grand Junction, and the University of Minnesota - as well as hospitals, and mom-n-pop web shops.
Through thoughtful search engine optimized web design, I get my clients on the first page of search engines, usually in the top 5, and quite a few as #1 - in both web search and product search.
I have been part of heavily used open source projects like TinyMCE and jQuery Mobile, as well as some of my own.

If you're tired of chop-shop butcher-coding, you've come to the right place.

Being an experienced Web Developer, I have a lot of back-end programming skills for building shopping carts and member databases while I can also be focused on the front-end functionality of a site. I will help you organize the information of your web site so your viewers and shoppers have an easier time navigating. I work with web based code like ColdFusion, AJAX, Web 2.0, Javascript, PHP, SQL and more. If you are looking for a database-driven back-end and/or a crazy interactive front-end, you should contact me.

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