About the Web Veteran

dmJules Gravinese is a seasoned, professional web developer. His success is based on a background in graphic design, 3D animation, and building multimedia presentations and Kiosks. In those early stages, Jules worked with companies such as Modells and Ellis Island, and ran a Director-based presentation at the New England Direct Marketing Association in Boston, MA. That, and over 10 years of experience in web programming, working with clients such as Nikon USA, ADP, the University of Minnesota, the City of Aspen, and the City of Grand Junction, gives Jules the ability to do what he loves best – combine equally beautiful design and code. His specialty is using web2.0 animations and AJAX to create completely SEF/SEO user interfaces that rival Flash’s functionality and interactivity. Database driven CMSs and ecommerce websites make up the bulk of Jules’ work.

Career highlights:

1995 Hired as a part time Tech in a college computer lab
1996 Scouted out by a college animation professor and hired to work at a startup internet marketing firm
1997 Created and ran a computer driven presentation at the New England Direct Marketing Association’s awards show in Boston, Massachusetts
2004 Created a RedHat Linux backup device which is controlled through a web based admin, to backup any Windows, Mac, or NetWare shared folder on a network
2006 Started working freelance
Relaunched WebVeteran.com – a fully seo/sef ajax-powered website with streaming animations – no Flash
2007 Created a JavaScript based multitrack audio engine, of which a modified version was incorporated into Script.aculo.us
Yahoo! contacted me about employment as a front end developer (JavaScript/web2.0/ajax)
WebVeteran.com is the #1 result in major search engines for relevant phrases such as ‘programming service’, ‘freelance web developer’, ‘web 2.0 freelance’, ‘freelance web 2.0’, ‘web 2.0 freelancer’ and ‘Freelance Web Development’
Approached by an author of two O’Reilly publications to co-author a new book
Incorporated Gravinese Enterprises, Inc.
WebVeteran.com based code deployed on NASA, Gap, Honda, and Apple’s websites, as well as others that use script.aculo.us
2008 Sadly, all I did was work. Little to no innovation.
Released a plugin for WordPress which allows editing of syntax inside of TinyMCE without losing formatting.
2009 Created TinyMCE CF GZip – a ColdFusion based Javascript Concatenater, Compressor, and Cacher for TinyMCE.
TinyMCE CF GZip officially becomes part of TinyMCE. I am listed as a team member (contributor) responsible of maintaing the ColdFusion compressor.
2010 Created an Adium Message Style with custom scrollbar via Prototype JS, LivePipe UI and Scriptaculous! It enjoyed being #9 with a 4.5 rating for several months.
Made a CFLIb.org entry which auto converts ISO country codes (Name, Numeric, Alpha2 or Alpha3).

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