Update, ‘Google Gears on Firefox 3 (Mac), anyone got it to work?’


UPDATE 1/29/09

Per paikan07’s recommendation, I tried to enable gears in gmail.

Here the results when trying to use Google Gears as a Lab setting in gmail:

Gears in Gmail
Gears in Gmail

As you see, I get the same permissions error.

And here, trying to download/install google gears into gmail as a Prism application:

Gears in Gmail/prism
Gears in Gmail/prism

I think that error has to do with Gears assuming the Prism version number is the Firefox version number.

Google Gears on Firefox 3 (Mac), anyone got it to work?

Has anyone gotten Google Gears to work on Firefox Mac?

‘Cuz I sure can’t get it to work. Which is a real bummer. The WordPress admin is many times faster in Safari with Gears running.

I have it installed correctly in Firefox. The Google page tells me so:

"Gears is installed"


And the Addons window agrees. But notice the Preferences button is greyed out.

Addons Window
Addons Window


So it all looks good so far. I go to enable Turbo in the WordPress admin. And am greeted with:


Gears not Enabled
"Gears is installed on this computer, but is not enabled for use with WordPress."


OK no reason to be alarmed. I did install Gears but maybe it’s not enabled. So I click that button. Then I get:

Error Message
"Your browser’s settings do not permit this website to use Google Gears."


So I obey again. I try to change the settings by using the Tools menu. Notice all other addons are disabled.

Tools Menu
Tools Menu


When I do that, nothing happens. No window. No messages. Nothing.

Has anyone come across this before? Is there a fix or workaround? Thanks in advance!


We have too many passwords all over the place. They are needed of course. But I think it is harder and more time consuming for me to remember or lookup or try password combinations, than it would be for a hacker to break in for me.

Firefox overtakes Internet Explorer, sorta



"Firefox users on isoHunt have now overtaken IE users, and I see the
trend continuing in more Firefox adoption. The less reliance on
standard non-compliant and malware-friendly IE, the better."

Sep 25, 2007 – Oct 1, 2007 46.19%

Internet Explorer
Sep 25, 2007 – Oct 1, 2007 46.07%

Sep 25, 2007 – Oct 1, 2007 3.79%

Sep 25, 2007 – Oct 1, 2007 2.91%

It can be hypothesized that users of this type of site are very smart
and concerned about security. That being true, these numbers tell how
people feel about security implementations in their browsers!

Surely a huge population of this site is also 'normal' people looking for
pirated media, and have no clue about security. I wonder how the
numbers would be more affected if all of the users knew of the
differences in IE and FF.