gitPush 1.1 – added error trapping

I added some error trapping to

The output of git is sent to a temporary file in the repo’s root. This way Applescript it not listening for it. Once the sh is done, I read the file. If it’s blank the app exists quietly. Otherwise the contents of the file are displayed.

read the log file for errors
set theResult to do shell script “cd “” & thePath & “/”; cat gitPushOutput.temp”
if theResult is not “” then
    tell application “gitPush”
    end tell
    display dialog “There was an error. git said… 

” & theResult buttons {“Quit”} default button 1 with icon 2
end if


git Error dialog
git Error dialog

Now, the toolbar icon does not get stuck in chromo-mode upon error.

Get the update:

gitPush 1.0 – a github Finder toolbar button

I started to use git and github, and really like it. Except for one thing, no all-in-one GUI for the Mac. There is GitX and it does just about everything except push your committed changes to git hub. So to fill that gap I made a small Mac Application Bundle from an Applescript that fires off the git command. Here’s a screen shot:


gitPush 1.0
gitPush 1.0

It works by you dragging the app to the Finder toolbar. See it there on the right?

After committing your changes in GitX (or command line… ick) just navigate to the root of your local repo and click the octocat button in the toolbar. The icon becomes chromatic, the committed files get uploaded, the icon goes monochrome. Done.

Hurry, they’re going fast!