WVFM (WebVeteran File Manager) build 081008

I haven't come across any ColdFusion file manager that is good, free, and can be used with TinyMCE. Even the commercial products don't impress me. And  don't like relying on PHP in my CF applications. So I'm writing my own File Manager, WVFM. Sounds like an oldies station 🙂 I plan on releasing it as open source for free.

The following are my main goals for WVFM:

  • Speed
  • Aethetics
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to use

I plan to accomplish those goals with:

  • Optimized code (CFML and HTML/CSS)
  • FamFamFam Silk Icons, and a designer willing to help for free
  • AJAX w/ Scriptaculous web2.0 javascript library
  • Mimics Mac OSX Finder's column view navigation
  • Extra information for webmasters and content editors

Right now it's pretty much a drag and drop CFC. It runs immediately by navigating to its loader (index.cfm) with good default settings.

It figures out the root dir of the website, and if you're navigating within it, allows you to click on files to view/listen/download.

Every attribute of a file/dir is sortable. Sorting is prioritzed automatically as you sort by attribute. That sorting is saved as a cookie for when you return.

You can specify which attributes of the objects you need to see. The code is optimized to not bother asking the file system for those attributes. Good optimization for a large number of objects in a directory.

WebVeteran File Manager 081008

More to come! Next is making navigation like Finder's column view.


Fancy Upload 1.0 – CSS Styled Upload Form

Sometimes a client will ask me to make a styles upload form, and of course modify the ugly ‘Browse…’ utility. But we’re very limited to styling upload forms. We cannot rearrange the buttons, nor change the ‘Browse’ label. Even with CSS the browse button and the file name field act… funky.

So I’ve come up with a way to make it appear as if we’ve styled the ‘browse…’ button and file name field… with only CSS. Since I did not specify any widths in pixels, we will have a nice cross browser solution. Then by adding some javascript we have total control of the file name, and even add an icon.

And we’re going to make it so that the fancy form only shows in a modern browser (Safari 1.0+, Firefox 1.0+, Internet Explorer 5.5+/Win, Opera 8+). It will degrade gracefully when images, JavaScript, and/or CSS are not active. The markup validates to the XHTML 1.0 Transitional DOCTYPE.

Fancy Upload
Fancy Upload

Live Demo

I’ll have this up on github shortly!