TinyMCE CF GZip – now officially part of tinyMCE

I am very pleased to announce that my ColdFusion based compressor for TinyMCE has been adopted by Moxiecode’s for their official CF compressor.

Coldfusion Gzip Compressor 2.1.0 released

This version of the Coldfusion Gzip compressor is a complete rewrite that doesn’t require any jar file to be installed in the lib directory. The previous versions was basically written in Java and the cfm file only called the logic in this Java file. This was a major problem when the compressor was to be used on shared hosting servers since users can’t install these .jar files by themselves.

The rewrite of this compressor was done by Jules Gravinese. He will be the new maintainer for the Coldfusion compressor. So this release is also an introduction to a new team member.

We are trying to move TinyMCE from being a tightly maintained Moxiecode project to more of a community project. We recently added a new team page to the site that lists the members that are the core part of the TinyMCE community.

This is great news for shared hosting. Now you can run TinyMCE, compressed, without installing a jar file.

Many thanks to Artur Kordowski for his gzip work in Zip CFC.

You can look forward to tweaks and improvements over time!


TinyMCE CF GZIP is a ColdFusion based Javascript Concatenater, Compressor, and Cacher for TinyMCE.

This file compresses the TinyMCE JavaScript using GZip and enables the browser to do two requests instead of one for each .js file. From nearly 100 requests to 2, about 400KB to 80.

It is also a single file install. The current official TinyMCE ColdFusion Compressor requires a JAR file installed. But this one does not! Just drop the CF in, modify the TinyMCE js to use this file, and you’re done!



Live demo

Later today the source will either be on sourceforge or github. Stay tuned!