ColdFusion File Manager, WVFM build 090111

It’s been quite a while since any work has been done to the file manager I’m building. But this weekend I was able to squeak in an hour. I have uploading of files working. It’s not cool or slick yet. But it does work quite well!

See in the demo below I upload a PDF into a directory. It was launched from a TinyMCE Insert Image window. The first directory the viewer sees is arbitrary. Every path label is based off of that (as you can see when viewing the file properties at the very end).

[media id=8 width=598 height=511]

Next: Upload progress display. I think I know how to pull this off with just CF. No java or Flash.

WebVeteran file manager build 081216

It’s been hard to find time to dedicate to this with the holidays and all. So today’s update is not too exciting. But it does open the door to the next step which is.

I added a bar at the top that always shows the focused directory along with a wrench icon. Clicking that icon slides down a palette of tools for the directory: Link (inserts link into TinyMCE), Rename, Upload files, Create a subdirectory, and Delete the directory. Each of those slides in their function. Shown below is the Upload function. It looks like a lot of wasted space, but keep in mind that top area starts off as just the directory name. You can also see what it looks like when a file gets focus.

WebVeteran File Manager build 081216
WebVeteran File Manager build 081216

Nothing too pretty yet. But it’s getting there. The navigation is working very solidly, even backing up the directory tree.

WVFM (WebVeteran’s ColdFusion File Manager) build 081014

I was able to give more hours to the wvfm. As planned, I started to incorporate Finder-like column navigation:

When clicking a dir the contents load on the right by an ajax function. The view automatically slides left to the new column.

Its sloppy looking right now. But the final omelet should be tasty.

WVFM (WebVeteran File Manager) build 081008

I haven't come across any ColdFusion file manager that is good, free, and can be used with TinyMCE. Even the commercial products don't impress me. And  don't like relying on PHP in my CF applications. So I'm writing my own File Manager, WVFM. Sounds like an oldies station 🙂 I plan on releasing it as open source for free.

The following are my main goals for WVFM:

  • Speed
  • Aethetics
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to use

I plan to accomplish those goals with:

  • Optimized code (CFML and HTML/CSS)
  • FamFamFam Silk Icons, and a designer willing to help for free
  • AJAX w/ Scriptaculous web2.0 javascript library
  • Mimics Mac OSX Finder's column view navigation
  • Extra information for webmasters and content editors

Right now it's pretty much a drag and drop CFC. It runs immediately by navigating to its loader (index.cfm) with good default settings.

It figures out the root dir of the website, and if you're navigating within it, allows you to click on files to view/listen/download.

Every attribute of a file/dir is sortable. Sorting is prioritzed automatically as you sort by attribute. That sorting is saved as a cookie for when you return.

You can specify which attributes of the objects you need to see. The code is optimized to not bother asking the file system for those attributes. Good optimization for a large number of objects in a directory.

WebVeteran File Manager 081008

More to come! Next is making navigation like Finder's column view.