Watch a site being developed – the experiment

I had this crazy idea, and  I think I’m going to try it! I started to build a new website for myself… long overdo from almost three years ago. And I figured, ‘why not do so publicly?’ Sure it’s like dropping my drawers, but I’m confident although I know I am not the absolute best. But I think it would be interesting… at least, I think it would be to watch someone else do so.

The completed site will be/have:

  • web2.0 layout and functionality
  • coldFusion, ajax, scriptaculous, javascript sound
  • custom cms with plugin architecture (I might open this up as well)
  • seo + sef urls
  • one page load navigation (ajax)

So without further wait, please visit to take part in the experiment. Comment and criticisms are welcome and appreciated.

Keep in mind, this is a site entirely in development! What you will see occasionally:

  • broken links
  • broken content
  • dummy text
  • images as test text

Heck, you might even see a table or two (gasp). You’ll probably also see me change libraries every now and then (as was the case with the scroller). And of course there may be days without any progress whatsoever. Subscribe to this blog or my twitter account to keep updated!

[sigh] here we go…