The loudest word

The loudest word you can yell at a company is comprised of a single character. It’s made by holding down shift and pressing 4. This should work wonderfully but is flawed by people who are attracted to shiny objects.

What am I talking about? Apple’s decision to not sell matte screened desktops and portables.

There are a lot of angry people of Apple’s decision to not make glossy/matte screens an option. I want matte. I’m close to buying a new machine and I’d like it to be another iMac. But I’ve experienced the v7.1 (aluminum/glossy) and it’s horrible.

I don’t need to be looking at my reflection when I’m programming 12~16 hours a day. My eyes are confused on what depth to put focus on so it’s constant fatigue and strain. And I can’t do proper color correction because of the reflections. I also noticed what a bad job the display does at rendering subtle gradients. Banding like crazy. I think Apple put on a glossy screen to hide the driver’s or display’s ability to function at an acceptable level.

Are these images jokes?



Color correction? With glossy screens? In a cave maybe. But my office has lights and light colored walls and objects.

So back to my original statement. People are attracted to shiny objects. They look cool. So it doesn’t matter if smart professionals speak with their wallets. The unknowing masses will continue to buy inferior products so they can impress people they don’t like. It’s just sad.

I really tried writing this to not sound ranty or whiney. But it’s something I feel passionate about. And it’s got to change if I’m to buy another all-in-one. I can’t sell my car in order to afford a Mac Pro and peripherals to go with it!

Well hey… maybe Psystar will save the day!