Poll for ColdFusion Developers: tinyMCE vs FCKeditor

I’ve come to learn that CF8 uses FCKeditor when using the RTE with CFTEXTAREA. But I have never liked FCKeditor. Maybe it’s the look. Maybe it’s the bugginess (in all fairness that was a long time ago). To me tinyMCE just seems a whole lot better. Recently I re-wrote the tinyMCE CF GZIP Compressor, soon to be their official cf compressor… so I am definitely on their side of the fence.

Like CF’s AJAX libraries, I don’t use the built in libraries. I prefer Scriptaculous, of which I am also a contributor. Again, that’s where my hands are.

So it makes me ponder what other CFers are doing. Using the built in RTE, or tinyMCE? Feel free to comment, too.

If all three readers of my blog would vote I’d really appreciate it =)

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5 Replies to “Poll for ColdFusion Developers: tinyMCE vs FCKeditor”

  1. I’d very interested in ‘why’ as well simply ‘which’. At this time FCKeditor is gaining ground.
    Is it because Adobe made it so easy to use… the cftextarea tag? Or do you find it’s features/quality/extensibility better?

  2. I found tinyMCE to be so much more flexible – as in customisable. Yes, it’s great that you can use a simple tag to generate a RTE, but some apps make very specific demands from a RTE. The first wall I hit with FCKEditor was the lack of a built-in spellchecker. Telling users to download an add-on for Internet Explorer is not acceptable, it should be done server-side which is what tinyMCE allows and there’s even a cool plugin to do that with CF. I’m not sure if FCKEditor has addressed that issue yet but it raises the problem with CF’s built-in client side javascript libraries in that if you need a new feature you have to wait for a new CF release, but if you’re happy invoking 3rd party libraries by hand (which is child’s play) then you simply download the latest code whenever you like.

  3. @Gary Fenton
    Very well put! I’ve installed the CF spellchecker myself. It’s a multi-language app, too.

    Off topic – I lost your comments to my other post when I upgraded to WP 2.7.1. Everything went haywire. I had to install a fresh copy of WP then import a backup. But our previous conversation was not in the BU.

  4. @Jules
    First, I use FCKEditor a very long time – when it not yet benefited from Adobe for the textarea and was ported for CF by FCKEditor’ developers, and it would satisfy me completely now.
    And now I’m glad to see an automatic use it with textarea.
    P.S.: Off topic: no problem 🙂

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