Poll for ColdFusion Developers: why FCKeditor?

Last week I posted a poll asking CF developers which RTE they like to deploy and use themselves. Here are the results as of 2/24 midnight.

Deploy FCKeditor, use FCKeditor 13 (48.15%)

Deploy tinyMCE, use tinyMCE 12 (44.44%)

Deploy FCKeditor, use tinyMCE 2 (7.41% )

Delpoy tinyMCE, use FCKeditor 0 (0%)

Until today, FCK was more than a few votes ahead. I wondered why. And I found it odd that some deployed FCK but would rather use Tiny. So here is a new poll based on those results.

For those of you ColdFusion developers who prefer to deploy FCKeditor: why? Feel free to add more comments below.