Control iTunes from a DragThing dock

While working, I use iTunes. But I find that the controller gets
obscured by other windows. Or it just plain clutters my desktop. So I wanted to get  rid of the controller but still use iTunes.

There are many utilities that will control iTunes. But I didn’t want to load another program on my development machine. However I do run DragThing on my system. I consider it as part of the OS.

If you have an iTunes icon in a dock, you can right click to show the menu and control iTunes right from there. But I didn’t like the extra step. So I came up with another solution.

Using three AppleScripts, I made it so you can controll iTunes from within a dock without any menus. All you have to do is expand the draw and click play (or next/previous). Check out the movie:

Full Size Movie : 705×312 | 2.5MB

I left the iTunes conteler up to demonstrate the functions of the buttons in DragThing. Being that everything works, you can close the iTunes controller – which does not quit iTunes or interrupt the music in any way. You’re left with a clean desktop, and quick access to iTunes from a DragThing dock. Sweet.