Scriptaculous audio engine – based on code

The forthcoming Scriptaculous (version 1.71?) may have an audio engine. The base of which is from yours truly.
For I had built a JavaScript audio engine:

  • Start a sound at any time
  • Stop that sound any time thereafter
  • Start another sound while the previous sound(s) are playing

The result is a multi-track audio engine that is accessed through
JavaScript. It uses Scriptaculous’ Builder to create and kill sounds.

Being so excited of my accomplishment, I wrote an email to Thomas Fuchs,
creator of Scriptaculous, telling him of what I did. He asked if he can
incorporate my work into the next release, as audio.js, along side
effects.js, dragdrop.js, etc. Of course I said yes.

As always, no plug-in allowed. Well… not entirely true. But the user is never prompted to install one. So it degrades nicely on all browsers and platforms.

  • If you have a Mac, you’re all set. QuickTime takes care of all browsers.
  • If you have IE, you’re also set. bgsound is a wonderful thing – wav w/ no plug-in.
  • Opera? Terrific. Wav files with no plug-in.
  • FF on the PC? Only if you have QT installed. Otherwise you hear nothing. For now.

To come are some very nice improvements in speed and functionality.