Compressed Prototype and Scriptaculous

Just a little site news. Don't get too excited. is now using the compressed versions of Scriptaculous and Prototype , as packaged by Steve Kallestad .

I've opted to use prototype.js 1.50 rc2 and scriptaculous 1.7 beta 2 because:

  • These versions of both packages together do not exhibit some flaws is later versions
  • This compressed version… actually works.

So go ahead and enjoy a that loads 130KB faster =)

6 Replies to “Compressed Prototype and Scriptaculous”

  1. Sidebar: paradigmatic …

    A distinct pleasure. I found your URL peeking the scripts used at Twitter.

    Some say Web2.0 is about interaction.
    I suggest that this is a significant part, but only a part.
    Your "view the animation" is a delight.

    Somewhere between data input and helmet-fire, there can be pleasantly productive … which is pret’near blissful.

    You take the craft to the realm of art, sir.


  2. WOW from 130KB down to 14KB that´s awesome. Now I have decided to use this framework because it is so small.

    Thank you and Best Regards from Germany

  3. @Robert Handel
    I don’t like using packed because of the performance hit imposed on every single page load. It is much better to use a gzipped library, which is cache-able, and does not require unpacking with each page load. Also, packed libraries are nearly impossible to debug.
    I’ll be posting a new .jgz soon. Stay tuned!

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