Custom scrollbars in Adium – ‘Elegant Simple’ Message Style

Visually based on the “Pretty Simple” Message Style by Piotrek Marciniak, I’ve created a new breed of Adium Message Style – which boasts a completely custom scrollbar.

This message style is a working proof of concept. It is a prototype for the talented folks that create¬† wonderful message styles. I’m a developer, not an artist. I hope that others will use it as a spring board for rapid development of a whole new breed of message styles with custom scrollbars.

Since Adium Message Styles are really web pages, it only seemed right to mash up Prototype JS, LivePipe UI and Scriptaculous!


  • Fade-in of messages
  • Auto smooth scrolling when new message is received
  • Custom styled scrollbar
  • Dynamic height scrollbar handle
  • Header and Footer objects of scrollbar handle
  • Auto-hiding and fading scrollbar (mouse in/out of window)
  • Mouse wheel support

[media id=11 width=600 height=470]

( View full size 800×600 MP4 3.7MB )

Go and get it!