ColdFusion File Manager, WVFM build 090111

It’s been quite a while since any work has been done to the file manager I’m building. But this weekend I was able to squeak in an hour. I have uploading of files working. It’s not cool or slick yet. But it does work quite well!

See in the demo below I upload a PDF into a directory. It was launched from a TinyMCE Insert Image window. The first directory the viewer sees is arbitrary. Every path label is based off of that (as you can see when viewing the file properties at the very end).

[media id=8 width=598 height=511]

Next: Upload progress display. I think I know how to pull this off with just CF. No java or Flash.

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  1. This is looking great! Do you have a place to download it?

    I have been looking for a good CF file manager. Hate to say it, but php has the lion’s share in this area.

  2. @Adam
    Thanks for the compliment. There is no download for it yet as it’s still in alpha stage.

    You’re right about PHP vs CF in that respect.
    The file manager I currently install for my clients is Ajax File Manager.
    It is written in PHP. The hosting I give to my clients has PHP as well as CF so it’s not so bad. But I really want to get away from that and turn off all services that are not needed.
    Once my file manager is done I can finally turn off PHP.

  3. @Kevin
    No, not yet. And I know it’s been a very long time! Between finding and doing work while being an active dad, there is not too much time left over for side (free) project such as this. But I do try! It will be worth waiting for.

  4. I would like to download your ColdFusion File Manager code, but I am not able to link to get it. Is it available?

    Thanks in advance,

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