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  1. hi , i have problem in upload above 100mb file in fancy upload progress i am getting error in Security error 2038,i search forum and i change php.ini file configiration in

    upload_max size=450M
    memory_limit=600m amd also many changes are done in my php.ini file
    but no use i am getting same 2038 error ,
    so any one reply me,what’s problem going on

  2. @nandhakumar
    Fancy Upload is purely javascript. There is no server interaction. So you are looking in the right place to solve the issue – on the server. I’m not a PHP expert so hopefully someone else can chime in (and perhaps correct me).
    Since you are getting a security error, I don’t think it’s the file size that is the problem. Maybe you are uploading a file type that could be dangerous? An executable perhaps? Maybe try making a zip of it first.

  3. @nijo
    “Fancyupload” is a different project than my “Fancy Upload”. Actually there are quite a few with the same name!

    Mine is a javascript-only solution – there simply is no file size limit in it.

  4. hy i have a problem maximun file size limit before uploading check file size if file size greater than file size limit than show error message.
    how can adjust in fancy upload script.
    please tell me.

  5. It is not a javascript-only solution. It is a combination of javascript and php, which can impose a file size limit.

  6. @Ironwil
    This has absolutely nothing to do with PHP: “a form widget that makes it appear as if we’ve styled the ‘browse…’ button and file name field with only CSS”. The server language is irrelevant.
    I’m actually a CF programmer BTW.

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