Visual Code Editor 1.2.5

I’ve updated Visual Code Editor. Not so much an upgrade, but tested it out with SyntaxHighlighter Evolved 2.3.8 and WordPress 2.9.2.

SyntaxHighlighter Evolved fixes a lot of the problems that VCE also fixed (for SyntaxHighlighter Plus 1.x). But VCE still comes into play when you want to use tinyMCE (the post editor) in WordPress.

  • Adds `<pre>` & `<code>` to block format menu
  • Allows extra attributes for compatibility in some syntax highlighters (ie, `<pre lang=”php” line=’5′>`)
  • Unescape WP’s double escaping of & (not needed with SHE)
  • Allows iFrames in the post
  • Support for syntax highlighting in comments
  • Removes extra `<pre>` tags around SyntaxHighllighter Plus’s sourcecode blocks

I tested it out with SHE and they both play very well together. Although the fixes in VCE are no longer needed, it still adds some functionality to the Visual Editor. Since nothing broke, I’m not going to fix it (remove the fixes). This allows its continued use in other client side syntax highlighters.

Go get it –>

Also, I highly recommend SyntaxHighlighter Evolved.