Visual Code Editor 1.1.1 – Tested with WordPress 2.7

Visual Code Editor is compatible with WordPress 2.7.

The only difference in 1.1.1 is that it states so. ‘Officially’.

No upgrade worries!

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  1. You may want to modify your plugin code to use the str_replace() function instead of the str_ireplace() function as the latter is not supported in PHP 4 (which is the majority of the WordPress user base).

  2. Also, after making the aforementioned change to your plugin I am still having display issues. Your plugin corrects the display issues for the editor window but not the actual published view window (i.e. what the world actually sees). My “>” and “” and “<” in the editor window. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  3. I figured it out. Turns out it was the Syntax Highlighter Plus plugin causing this. I had to remove a reference to htmlspecialchars() function to prevent the special characters from being displayed as their character codes from within the block. Thanks for making this great plugin!

  4. @Keith
    Thanks for taking the time to alert me to this. I am not a PHP guru. I modified the replace section with code that will work in PHP4:

    function removePre($post_content = '') {
    	$preStart = '<pre>n<pre class="syntax-highlight:';
    	$preEnd = addcslashes('</pre>n</pre>', '/');
    	$post_content = preg_replace("/$preStart/i", "<pre class="syntax-highlight:", $post_content);
    	return preg_replace("/$preEnd/i", "</pre>", $post_content);

    Dang… php really makes you jump through hoops.

  5. Hi Jules

    I just found your Visual Code Editor plug-in for WordPress. Thanks very much for creating it – like many I have been driven to frustration by WP’s annoying habit of reformating content created in the visual editor.

    A question – is the current version compatible with WP 2.7.1? I’m getting a warning about installing it.

    Many thanks, Mark

  6. @Mark
    Thanks for the compliments and the head’s up!
    There are no compatibility issues, the warning was safe to ignore. I updated VCE to not show that error any more.

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