Backlink Monitoring

Adding manipulative back links that are intended to favor particular companies in the search results brakes Google's terms of conditions. When Google discovers such links they apply penalties to discourage other companies from following this practice and they remove any gains that may have been enjoyed from such links. Google also takes action and apply penalties to those who took part in manipulation and helped other companies by linking to them. These types of companies are often low quality directories which simply listed a link to company website with a manipulative anchor text for a fee. Google argues that such pages offer no value to the Internet and are often deindexed as a result.

Negative SEO started to occur following the Penguin update when it became common knowledge that Google would apply penalties for manipulative links; such practices as negative SEO have caused companies to be diligent in monitoring their backlinks to ensure they are not being targeted by hostile competitors through negative SEO services.

I manage the aggregate backlink data from several different backlink providers such as MajesticSEO, SEOmoz, blekko, ahrefs and SEOKicks. This is needed if you’ve received an unnatural link warning or have been penalized by the “Google Penguin Updates”. For sites that haven’t been penalized by any unnatural link warning or update, I manage the link risk by monitoring your site on a weekly basis.  After the manual review of the entire list of links is done I create and upload a file (called a disavow) to Google for the links you don’t want to be associated with.

This has to be an ongoing campaign

Included in this package


This service has a certain cost attached to it. The cost of not doing this, for an ecommerce site, can be thousands per month. Imagine all of your Google search referral sales dropping to zero.

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