Site Scan Reports

The below options check your website for spelling mistakes, broken links and SEO problems. Search engines like sites that are well maintained. Sites with errors and misspellings will not do as well. Checking is a good idea to do after a major change to any site.


Spelling Errors, Spell Checked Pages, Word Count by Word & Page.
Spell check your entire website - page titles, meta tags and other content that might not be visible in your browser window. Find more than just misspelled words, too – this detects duplicate words, mismatched case and more.
Any PDF or RTF files found on your website are automatically checked for spelling and link errors.

Broken Links: Link Errors, Verified Links

Searches your website for broken links, missing images and more - in all your website's content, including HTML, CSS and even PDFs. Reported are all types of HTTP server errors, URL redirections, invalid relative paths, pages that timeout and more.
Also checked are embedded YouTube, Vimeo and Dailymotion videos to ensure that your embedded clips are still present on the hosting site.

SEO Problems: Keyword Density, Recommendations

Test every single page on your website against over 25 SEO related problems. Provided are easy to understand suggestions to help keep your website's ranking on track.
Counts the words and calculate keyword density. Automatically figures out what your relevant words and phrases are based on the text of your website.
Word counting feature provides both per-page and per-word totals for your website. This feature is perfect for website translators.

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