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My hosting service is tailored to the technologies and server languages needed for today's advanced website. Many hosts have the server languages 'enabled' but do not fully support them, and/or charge extra for them. By fully enabling services and not crippling their functionality we are now free to take advantage of advanced techniques and technologies. The result is a faster deployed website with better code and more functionality.

I'm a reseller at a large hosting facility. So we have access to all the technology and facilities of a super huge server farm. This ISP hosts over 24,000 domains. The datacenter is a Tier1 facility in terms of network connectivity and infrastructure design. It has direct backbone connections to the internet with the major backbone providers including AT&T, MCI (UUNET), Qwest and Level 3. They have fiber connections scalable from OC3 to OC192 (i.e., the fastest connection possible today). The top of the line server monitoring system instantly notifies of any problems and is capable of self correcting the servers in many cases. This helps keep 99.9% uptime status.

Since I'm well integrated into this ISP, it would be beneficial for you to host through me. It will be much more efficient since I'm familiar with the infrastructure, and the staff knows me as well.

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