Managment features

Private secure back office

You can add more staff to the CMS with different roles (admin, editor, publisher, etc).

Infinite pages and nesting

There is no limit to the number of pages you can create in the CMS. And there is also no limit to the depth of the hierarchy (by special request) however the default is 3 levels for SEO purposes, for each level has decreased SEO value. For example: Home / Destinations (level 1) / State (level 2) / City (level 3).

Page hierarchy management via drag and drop

CMSs get this wrong all the time. Expecting you to set the order of pages with ranking numbers. And having to edit a page to assign it's parent. My CMS lets you handle all this with drag and drop ease - not just the order of pages, but nesting under other pages as well. You can even pick and move entire sections.

Plugin Architecture

When pages need more functionality than a WYSIWYG can provide, I hand code plugins that can be applied to any page in the CMS. It's a simple matter of picking the plugin from the dropdown menu when editing a page. On the front end, the user sees the advanced output. Examples of this include contact forms, embedded maps, video playlists, etc.

Special management consoles

Going beyond a simple content management system, sites that have special content are fully integrated into the CMS. This is all spec work - so it's light, fast, and super easy to use. Everything you want, and nothing you don't (A.K.A. software bloat). Some examples of special content are ecommerce product, user and order management, secured files manager, extranet content, etc.


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