Lets start with the bottom line: working with me is profitable for marketing firms and their end clients.

My Web development work involves developing web sites for the Internet (World Wide Web) or intranets (a private network). Web development can range from developing simple brochure sites to the highly complex web-based internet applications and electronic businesses. Mainly my work deals with client-side and server-side scripting and custom e-commerce development. Basically speaking, the main non-design aspects of building web sites: writing markup and coding.

Founded in 2006, Gravinese Enterprises Inc (GEI) is an integral part of innovative and interactive internet marketing consulting firms directly focused on demanding internet authority. Based out of Long Island, GEI is led by developer and owner Jules Gravinese, a dedicated and accomplished professional. Jules has more than 16 years of experience working with growth minded companies in producing interactive solutions in all sectors of digital space.

Today’s marketing firms recognize that the internet is a crucial tool warranting the success of the overall marketing plan. The internet provides growth in market share, products offerings and customer relations, all of which ultimately lead to growth in revenue. Through organic on-site SEO, comprehensive consulting services, and the strength of sucessful experience, Jules crafts profitable projects surrounding the digital space. His client executives rely on GEI to bring their websites to the surface, position their companies in front of all the right prospects, and most importantly, achieve a positive ROI: Ecommerce websites completely rebuild by Jules typically see a boost of 20%-30% in sales within a few months.

Because success in interactive marketing requires a comprehensive background and understanding, as well as benchmarks to gauge results over time, GEI only creates longstanding, ongoing relationships. Jules becomes a significant part of your executive marketing team to ensure future success.

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